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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Power system for electric marina Dutch company Seijsener has been instrumental in the development of what may be the first fully electric marina. Located near Amsterdam city centre, the emission-free ‘E-Harbour’ caters for 64 E-boats of varying sizes, all of which will be able to recharge their batteries every night. Artist’s impression of the Seijsener all-electric E-Harbour. The future marina? To create the necessary harbour power Seijsener developed an electrical system with an impressive 1,000kVA transformer. To put this into perspective, a traditional marina usually has a total of just 250kVA – for 1,000 berths! Each power socket has its own electronic controller linked to a central system. Meter results, charging status and other data can be read by the boat owner, service company staff member or other authorised person, and situations such as cause of power failure can be quickly determined and remedied. The system combines smart technology with measurement, power control, service and cost control in one package. By designing the electric installations and management systems for the E-Harbour, Seijsener has created a blueprint for future marinas of this kind as well as future-ready marinas, and is able to offer this option in addition to its proven range of service pedestals and hundreds of other marina products. E: Retrieving plastics at low cost Although well known for its ability to retrieve a wide range of debris that litters waterways in ports and marinas, the Water Witch workboat is also perfect for collecting the plastic products that are currently receiving enormous focus as a leading threat to marine life. Excellent manoeuvrability in hard to reach areas, durable build and shallow draft have been keen selling points for Water Witch but, as the company points out, the removable catchment basket offers more than convenience. By collecting and filtering debris and plastic through its inverted ‘mouth’, it acts as a plankton feeder does in the natural world. The aluminium boats are specifically designed to efficiently collect smaller plastic items such as coffee cups, plastic bottles, food wrappers, Styrofoam and plastic bags. Water Witch director, Jackie Caddick, explains: “Floating and suspended plastics and man-made debris is so easy to retrieve with our collection vessels and at relatively low cost. Our system is simple but highly efficient and has been time tested, with over 60 in operation worldwide. We ship in standard containers The removable catchment basket in a Water Witch workboat scoops up wide-ranging floating debris. for safe and inexpensive delivery.” “Modern marina and harbour operators should be keen to demonstrate a commitment to keeping our marine environment clean and safe, not just for their own immediate benefit, but for the world as a whole,” she adds. Recent customers making that commitment include Ayla Marina, Jordan and Sutton Harbour, Plymouth, UK. E: 54 - January/February 2018

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