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May June 2019 Marina World

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DRYSTACK STORAGE Extensive articulation with textured detailing will be used to create an eyecatching drystack building. The new ‘cool’ for Fort Lauderdale In November 2018, F3 Marina - a division of Milwaukee-based Founders 3 Real Estate - bought SunDance Marine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a 1.3-acre facility with 390ft (119m) of waterfront that had been closed since 2009. F3 Marina looked past the dereliction and envisaged a vibrant new drystack with clean lines and up-to-the-minute automation. “We were actually looking for a site for Argentinean clients and, when they declined to buy it, we reckoned it was way too good a piece of land to ignore,” explains F3 Marina senior vice president Alain Giudice. “We were already operating a successful, efficient drystack three blocks to the east [The Port Marina] so had a feel for the location and were very excited about it. It would fill a market gap for local boat owners and introduce a beautiful building instead of an eyesore.” As with every redevelopment, F3 Marina had to leap the hurdles of planning and potential public opposition. “We spent the better part of three years working and re-working the building,” says F3 Marina president John Matheson. “The City of Fort Lauderdale is very particular and required certain aesthetic changes. We complied.” The result is extensive articulation with textured detailing to break up the building due to its size. Local opposition was reversed due to the aesthetics and the City and community were content but, although the end result will be undeniably impressive, Matheson admits “we did not anticipate spending as much time and effort on the exterior design. The interior will match the exterior for attention to detail and quality.” F3 Marina turned to software experts in crane technology to make the new system even more efficient than The Port Marina, the company’s nearby condominium marina, which has 125 dry slips on four levels. The SunDance facility, swiftly branded as F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale, was, however, to be more ambitious. “We did a lot of research, spending three months analysing, making time studies and talking to different contractors. We wanted to keep it simple, but it had to have next generation technology,” explains F3 Marina CEO David Behnke. “We looked to improve on the automated technology we have at The Port – it’s now about 13 years old,” adds Giudice. “It takes time to work out any bugs and we’ve reduced the number of moving parts.” The result is an advanced, computerised marine crane system that maximises storage capability and minimises boat retrieval time. A single wet well houses two boat lifts that bring the boats out of the water and position them to be lifted by the crane. There are 21 wet slips for the staging process, which increases efficiency and reduces cycle time. A boat can be lifted and stored or retrieved and launched in under five minutes. Racks are on six tiers offering 240 dry slips for secure storage of boats up to 46ft (14m) long, 13ft (4m) beam and 17ft (5m) high. Each must not An advanced crane system will maximise storage capability and minimise boat retrieval time. 52 - May/June 2019

DRYSTACK STORAGE exceed 30,000lbs (13,608kg). Boats of appropriate height can be racked as high as 120ft (36.5m) in the 130ft (40m) high structure. The building is being constructed to withstand winds of up to 140mph (225km/h) and have adequate generator power to be self-sufficient in the event of a power outage. F3 Marina attaches great importance to the drystack concept – “it’s the best use of marine land” Behnke asserts. “You can build much more on a small footprint than traditional dystack operations,” adds Matheson “and another advantage is the cool factor of the automated drystack.” As well as being cool to look at and cool in operation, F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale has cool customer service. “High-end hospitality,” notes Behnke. “We’re offering a Ritz-Carlton service for boaters with a concierge that sets them up for everything they need. It’s all about taking care of somebody so they feel good.” In addition to the professional personal touch, customers have key amenities: a climate-controlled private lounge; indoor covered parking; A top-hotel-style welcome underlines the quality of services and facilities. on-site, high speed fuel service; storage lockers; and a fish cleaning station. Restaurants, shops, hotels, a grocery, spa and health club are all within walking distance. And with direct access to the Intracoastal Waterway, boaters are just over a mile away from the Atlantic Ocean via the Port Everglades inlet. Scheduled to complete in 2020, the new F3 drystack is due to break ground very soon. Fort Lauderdale company Marker Construction has been appointed as general contractor. DEALERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Why HydroHoist ® Boat Lifts? Proven Company with 50+ Years of Experience Market Originator/Industry Innovator Patented Designs Extensive Distribution Network Proudly Made in the U.S.A. In-House Engineering Department Dedicated Sales & Marketing Departments Learn more today by visiting our website: HH_Ad_MarinaWorld_5.1x7.1.indd 3 2/8/19 12:53 PM - May/June 2019 53

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