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2016 July August Marina World

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July August 2016 Marina World


THE CENTRAL PLATFORM FOR THE GLOBAL MARINA & YARD INDUSTRY MEET THE WORLD IN AMSTERDAM The Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) welcomes marina owners, operators, developers and suppliers from around the world. This year the MYP is featuring the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference from Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 November. Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to meet your peers, see lots of innovations and be inspired by the latest industry news. Featuring The Marina & Yard Pavilion is an event of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry and organiser of the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference. ORGANISED BY POWERED BY MEMBER OF OFFICIAL MAGAZINE SYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE MYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE

Australia’s new marina communities broaden boating down under by Robert Wilkes WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENTS Wyndham Harbour Following decades of planning, two spectacular waterfront communities 1,000 km apart recently opened in Australia. Wyndham Harbour and Trinity Point are bold in scope and vision. Creating ‘something out of nothing’ marina developments requires persistence, talent and patient investors. Each is an example of how to build stunning new marina-based living communities on raw land and unimproved coastline. Wyndham Harbour, 39km southwest of Melbourne Wyndham Harbour is located near the town of Werribee between Geelong and Melbourne. To understand the logic behind Wyndham Harbour one must take into account the phenomenal growth, cultural diversity and economic vibrancy of Melbourne. According to Australia’s largest newspaper, Herald Sun, Melbourne (population 4 million) is the fastest growing city in Australia and has been voted the world’s Most Livable City for five years running. Built on the Yarra River at the northernmost reach of Port Phillip Bay, the city spread southeastward for a century and a half. West of the city, however, is lightly populated. There is some industry near the city and farming as one travels farther west. The developers recognised that Melbourne was bursting at the seams, bogged in heavy traffic and constrained by a shortage of affordable housing. They saw an opportunity for both a new living community and a new marina. The new marina would enhance the boating experience for all of Port Phillip Bay. Melbourne’s minister of planning has predicted 900,000 people, or 20% of Melbourne’s population, will be living west of the city by 2026. Wyndham Harbour is intentionally positioned to benefit from that growth as Melbourne inevitably expands westward. Barry Brott of the ownership group said: “People have been talking about a safe harbour in the western part of Port Phillip Bay for at least 40 years. Now, with the opening of our marina, it’s here.” Wyndham Harbour celebrated its opening in March of this year. Brott continued: “We have been very thoughtful in our approach and have included a large team of excellent consultants to help us get it right. We’re trying to achieve a balance between the land development and the water. We’ve studied similar projects and many of them emphasise the boating over the land or land over the boating. We’ve taken a patient, balanced approach geared to get the most out of the bay.” Trinity Point - July/August 2016 25

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