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2016 July August Marina World

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July August 2016 Marina World


ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Round the clock: the many views of Marina di Villasimius – designed to minimise environmental impact while ensuring good customer service. explains project leader Enzo Biassoni, a TV script writer who champions a responsible approach to the oceans. “We sent a questionnaire to 300 marinas and a designated person checked the validity of the entrants in each region,” he adds. How do Italian tourist ports rate in environmental terms? “I have been involved with this since 2003 and can say that standards have grown significantly. We have no reason to envy France or Spain – even the best marinas of the French Riviera lag behind us,” Biassoni asserts. But the terms of the Stars package extend further, of course. “Our project is unique as, in addition to assessing environmental sustainability and giving nautical information about each marina, we look at the marina in a broader context.” Archaeological sites, for example, are highlighted and fabulous wine regions promoted. Winning the award Marina di Villasimius in Sardinia is sufficiently close to Cagliari to benefit from city facilities but far enough away to look out towards the natural beauty of Capo Carbonara, a protected marine area on the southeast coast. The Blue Stars of the Mediterranean winner was determined by a jury of scientists led by biologist Jacopo Aguzzi who spearheaded the leading marine ecology institution Scienze del Mar di Barcellona. Of the 20 marinas shortlisted for the 2015 award, three are in Sardinia. Competition was fierce as many innovative projects have been implemented. “Santa Teresa di Gallura, for example, is building solar panels and an LED lamp system and Marina Loana in Liguria has installed panels to its entire shipyard and captures seawater to work its air conditioning system,” Biassoni notes. Marina di Villasimius was, however, deemed to be particularly special. “The marina has been designed using common sense within a protected marine area and offers high level services and reputable shipbuilding; an excellent combination of elements,” Biassoni proffers. This opinion is endorsed by Aguzzi, who also explains how important it is to establish a reference framework for the future. “To develop the first venture of its kind in the Mediterranean we have combined various indicators, developed by Integrated Coastal Resources Management studies which focus on the conflicting use of resources in tourist and commercial ports. From here we put together a list of environmental compatibles – technical, human and social. The combination of these in Villasimius gave the marina the maximum points.” Yet more criteria will likely be added later down the line to cover elements such as the engineering of docks and dams. “The engineering impact of these types of structures on currents and the seabed is not being considered now but it will be. Every year, we revitalise the programme so as to keep in step with technological developments and involve experts in different sectors. Among other things, we will look to assess the way marinas can activate monitoring systems for water quality and the seabed using underwater cameras and marine salinity gauges.” 48 - July/August 2016

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Focus on Villasimius Marina di Villasimius is a safe and well-equipped harbour with 840 berths arranged in a water space of 72,000m² (775,000ft²), protected by a 560m (1,837ft) breakwater. It is able to moor vessels of up to 60m (197ft) thanks to generous water depths which, in places, measure 6.5m (21ft). Like all the best marinas, it offers traditional services with the exception of boat movers and cranes, which it does not operate on a large scale. A fuel station is open daily, and a shipyard and service centre with active businesses operate according to seasonal demand. Boat owners benefit from WiFi, access to a beauty salon, a take-away food service and, during the summer, a shuttle to the pretty village of Villasimius and the best beaches. The marina is part of the Marinedi Srl network of Mediterranean ports, which imposes a uniform level of quality standards, and shares common resources and agreements with insurance and financial services and airline companies. As Marinedi has a strong focus on the maxi-yacht sector, captains and crew enjoy good services and easy access to the village via a shuttle service. They also have the use of courtesy cars to reach Cagliari, which is about 40km (25 miles) away via a scenic coastal road or a high-speed highway. The marina is generally busy. “We have 500 boats in the harbour all year round. The majority are Italian but around 22% are from overseas, mostly Swiss and German, then Dutch, English and French,” says marina director Amedeo Ferrigno, who has been at Villasimius for the past nine years further to a 30-year role at the Port of Capri. “We are well served with planes,” he adds, “and we enjoy a special natural benefit – you can leave port during the Mistral winds and in less than 200m (656ft) you are in absolutely calm waters. Our customers, many of whom are long-standing, really appreciate this as well as our care for the environment.” The marina manages its water quality very carefully, has ‘ecological islands’ and offers free pump-out of black, grey and bilge waters. Staff collect waste goods for recycling. Solar panels and an LED lighting plant give clean, responsible energy and, in much of the marina, chains, cement and ropes have been eliminated. A webcam is installed for security purposes, along with a surveillance system, entry systems and armed guard patrols. “In terms of the weather, we’ve had winds of 78 knots and nothing has happened,” Ferrigno confirms. Planning for the future is ongoing but, as the current concession ends in 2020, projects have slowed down. “We are, however, submitting an economic/ financial plan to the regional authorities which should convince them to renew the lease,” Ferrigno reveals. TOTAL CONTROL OF MARINA at your fingertips marinamanagementsoftwaresolutions IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE TO CREATE ADDED VALUE IN YOUR LANGUAGE Visit our website - July/August 2016 49

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