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2016 November December Marina World

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CREATING CERTAINTY Our clients value a team of insurance professionals with a global outlook and worldwide resources. They value the reassurance of round-the-clock support and expert advice. And they value long-standing, trusted relationships. Marinasure. Insurance services for the marina and the marine trade market. Paris 38 Avenue de l'Opera 2eme etage 75002 Paris +33(0) 53 21 83 58 London 1 Great St Helen's London EC3A 6HX United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7448 6000 Marinasure is a trading name of Hiscox MGA Ltd. Hiscox MGA Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Hiscox MGA Ltd’s registered Office is 1 Great St Helen’s, London EC3A 6HX and the registered number is 07720593. 16635 10/16 Soprefa, S.A. - Portugal Tel:. +351 256 880 470 * Oxidative Induction Time

TALKING SHOP Les Marines de Cogolin: the complementary port of St Tropez Together with Port Grimaud, Les Marines de Cogolin marina has turned the bay of St Tropez in the south of France into a paradise for boaters. Upon discovering that further improvements are on the cards, Donatella Zucca invited Michelle Mauduit, president of the owners’ association, and port director, Claude Robert, to talk shop. Despite being located just 3km (1.86 miles) from iconic St Tropez and adjacent to the lakeside town of Port Grimaud – one of the most visited places in France – the tourist harbour of Les Marines de Cogolin has not been overshadowed. Surrounded by the scenic Meures hills and the natural beauty of Provence, the marina started to take shape in 1968 when an idea to transform a marsh into a boating oasis was backed by a Rothschild financial deal. on site The developers obtained a concession for 50 years and the right to sell shares for this term. This agreement should have expired in 2019 but has been revised to end in 2018 because the entire area including the marina is being targeted for redevelopment. The project aims to attract larger boats. When the concession expires, the marina will become the responsibility of the Municipality of Cogolin, which will manage it for 35 years directly or indirectly. The existing management Left: The marina at Les Marines de Cogolin is divided into three basins and offers a total of 1,600 berths. Above l to r: Michelle Mauduit, president of SAPP, with Claude Robert, port director since 2004. arrangement could be retained or changed; all is under discussion. Current berth holders will be able to continue to rent berths for specific periods or buy leases for 15, 25 or 35 years. From the outset, Les Marines de Cogolin has been a marina in all respects except for where its river frontage borders the lakeside village. The development has grown up around a ‘sea’ of water that is on average 4m (13ft) deep and divided into three basins that offer a total of 1,600 berths. Access to the berths and the varied residences, is via an 85m (279ft) wide channel protected by two dams measuring 600m (1,968ft) and 400m (1,312ft) wide. Esbjerg Denmark 2015 2 pontoons 35 x 5,00 meter We build your breakwater wherever you need it Save up to 30% • Floating breakwaters up to 8 metres wide • Commercial pontoons up to 35 metres long x 200 tonnes • We build ‘on site’ • No transport costs saving you 30% or more YMCA Jetty, UK • Tel. +31(0)416 666 990 - November/December 2016 49

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