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2016 November December Marina World

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TALKING SHOP Les Marines may be less well known than its neighbours but is one of the largest and best equipped ports on the French Mediterranean coast. Affiliated to the Fédération Française des Ports de Plaisance (FFPP) and a member of the Union des Ports de Plaisance de la Région PACA, the marina concession is owned by the Société Anonyme du Port de Plaisance (SAPP), which manages common areas and services on behalf of the Trade Union Association Marine Cogolin (ASMC). The Municipality of Cogolin plays an important role in governing marina activities. Like any good marina, Les Marines has various environmental accreditations – like Ports Propres and Pavillon Bleu – and has good on-site services and amenities that include full refit and maintenance services at the Monaco Marine shipyard, which has 28,000m² (301,389ft²) of space, and a large fuel dock. Les Marines has to date passed successfully through economic crises, changes in boating habits and boat owner demands and looks forward to fresh challenges. The concession arrangement will in no way disrupt the current management system, which operates as follows: Donatella Zucca (DZ): How do you manage the water space? Michelle Mauduit (MM): Our company is private and comprises 1200 shareholders but its title does not automatically give a right to water space. In order to have this, you have to sign a contract for a berth, the size of which varies according to the number of shares. DZ: You can have a berth without owning an apartment? MM: Yes. The port was developed with an obligation to offer public berths. We manage 400 berths for this purpose. The Municipality of Cogolin will resume management of these when the concession expires and plans to increase the size of the berths within the same water area. DZ: Your business is positive? MM: Yes it is, and always has been. And the key to the success, above all, is the space. Ours is an open site with plenty of room for visitors to our restaurants and shops. Manoeuvring boats is easy because we have an extremely generous water plan. Facilities are also adequate and are good value for money. Our rates include car parking, Wi-Fi, weather information and pump-out. DZ: The municipality plays an important role in all decision making? MM: A protection authority called the Conseil Portuaire, chaired by the Mayor of Cogolin, meets once a year. Everything concerning our activities including company accounts and determination of berthing fees is examined in comparison with all marinas along the entire Mediterranean coast. DZ: Can boat owners sub-let their berths? MM: It is tolerated at the moment but is really against regulations. There are people who rent out to help cover their costs but they should do it via the port authority, which charges a fee but can help find customers. Renting public berths is forbidden. DZ: I see that you now have maxiyachts and their crews at the marina. This was not the case a few years ago. Are you organised to welcome them? Above & left: Villas provide privacy in a scenic, lushly landscaped Mediterranean haven. - November/December 2016 51

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