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2017 March April Marina World

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Kropf Industrial also supplies a full line of hydraulic boat trailers, as well as steel tube floating dock systems and floating breakwaters. 888.480.3777 CREATING CERTAINTY Our clients value a team of insurance professionals with a global outlook and worldwide resources. They value the reassurance of round-the-clock support and expert advice. And they value long-standing, trusted relationships. Marinasure. Insurance services for the marina and the marine trade market. Paris 38 Avenue de l'Opera 2eme etage 75002 Paris +33(0) 53 21 83 58 London 1 Great St Helen's London EC3A 6HX United Kingdom +44 (0)20 7448 6000 Marinasure is a trading name of Hiscox MGA Ltd. Hiscox MGA Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Hiscox MGA Ltd’s registered Office is 1 Great St Helen’s, London EC3A 6HX and the registered number is 07720593. 16635 10/16

MARKET FOCUS: UKRAINE This probably means that the marina industry in the region has lost its internal competitive fight within the country, Galitch suggested. New legislation aimed to spark industry Andrey Samotkan, director of Sea Club TFC in the Odessa region, which has a small marina, believes that the country could benefit from the removal of administrative barriers. “To put to sea you have to arrange a huge set of papers, including a crew list with permissions from the Port Control Commission and stamps from sanitation inspectors. After that, customs officers stamp the documentation and the captain needs to show customs papers for all the people on the boat,” Samotkan said. “It takes at least an hour to get through this cycle and it’s only good for one day. So, if you decide to postpone your trip and go to sea the next day, you are required to do the same things all over again,” Samotkan added, claiming that as a result most yachts stay away from Ukraine’s marinas. However, in late September 2016, The Sovinion Yacht Club at design stage. Now complete, it is one of the largest marinas in Odessa but only around 40 of its 120 berths are occupied. the management of Odessa Sea Port with the support of several yacht clubs, raised the issue of removing administrative barriers in the area. This seems to be the first serious attempt to reform the country’s legislation for sailing in small boats, but market participants are encouraged saying that they have finally been heard and that discussion has even begun in the Ukraine Parliament. Although it is clear that legislative reform will not be a panacea for current problems, it could be a first small step. At some point, political instability in the region will end and Ukraine’s marina industry will no doubt get the development it deserves. Fibreglass Anti-Slip Decking Suitable for pontoons, fingers, jetties, entrance gangways, mooring pontoons and piers. Dura Grating Fibreglass Decking • • • • • • DEALER CONTACTS Bahrain - Arabian Marinas Contact: Hussain al Matrook Tel: +973 17 467 664 email: Web: France - Metalu Contact: Mr. Gilles Pelle Tel: +33 2 40 391 840 email: Web: Kuwait - Synthetic Wood LLC Contact: Fawaz Alsagran Tel: +965 2474 7794 Mob: +965 6562 7557 email: UAE - Unichem Trading, FZE Contact: Mr. Hamidreza Aminifard Tel: +971 9 2282653 email: Web: UK Head Office +44 (0)1255 440297 To enquire about becoming a distributor contact us now! - March/April 2017 47

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