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2018 March April Marina World

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DRYSTACK Roll your racks

DRYSTACK Roll your racks for extra space US company Rack & Roll Marine has launched a patented marina boat storage and retrieval system called FloatingAisle. The innovation is claimed to dramatically increase the capacity of dry storage facilities, freeing up as much as 90% of a building footprint while giving immediate access to any boat within seconds. FloatingAisle comprises a racking system with rails and electrically powered carriages and motors to provide lateral motion for boats stored on racks typically four to five high. All the carriage rows move simultaneously as required to create the temporary aisle. Instead of the wasted space of a large centre aisle for forklift turnaround, often up to 50% of the building’s area, the space is filled with boats. A new aisle is created in under 30 seconds. The system is controlled by a proprietary hardware and software interface managed by an easy to use touch screen. An infrared motion detection system prevents accidents. When retrofitting drystacks, Rack & Roll uses the building’s existing racks. Additional racks to fill in the aisle space are provided by the customer. Sonia McKenzie, vice president of engineering, emphasises the reliability of the system. “Whenever appropriate, we have made use of mechanical and electrical components that have been proved in 30 years of use,” she says. “We have two motors on each carriage and in case of a failure either motor can run the system alone. The control system has undergone extensive testing.” The company has sold a 144- boat system to a Florida marina. Conventional racking provided space for only 100 boats. Martini Marinas pontoons. The best, from all points of the compass. Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 P.O. Box 30 - 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel +39 02 963941 - Fax +39 02 9682613 Switzerland T. +41 91 9945545 Croatia T. +385 01 6530040 Greece T. +30 23 10692899 Netherlands / Belgium T. +31 6 46140603 40 - March/April 2018

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