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2018 May June Marina World

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The Most Sophisticated & Comprehensive Marina & Boatyard Management System Available. The marina and boatyard sector is one of the most complex business environments to operate and provide systems for. Pacsoft’s fully-featured integrated software solutions can automate nearly all functions, simplify business life, streamline operations, improve control and accounting, but most importantly increase business intelligence. LEARN MORE AT United Kingdom/Europe United States of America Head Office Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard Management Software Solutions Richard Dowland +44 (0) 845 518 6272 Jay Walsh 770 - 686 - 6910 Chris Thomas +64 (9) 379 7260

MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The Marina Master schedule and management screen is portable shareware. Marina Master partners with Ayacht Technology The Marina Master software solution, developed by a family-owned European company, has recently been introduced to the US market having secured a contract with a large marina group in the Boston area. The customer was introduced to Marina Master by Ayacht Technology Solutions, which has recently become its US-based reseller and will expand the brand in this market area. The Boston group will take advantage of Marina Master’s policy of providing a specific solution for each individual marina and yacht club, preparing, precisely implementing and customising according to the facility’s needs and plans. This solution is not just technology, but a new mindset that affects the marina organisation, work pattern and more. The customer’s main goal was to automate the management system and remove reliance upon individuals. The operators were looking for a user-friendly solution to enable them to easily move each slip’s position, location and status of occupancy. The system needed to be as ‘future proof’ and flexible as possible and also have effective integration to QuickBooks. It was also important that it support multiple marinas with the capability to add more in the future, with common customer and boat data, but separate financial data for each marina. Ayacht Technology Solutions enjoys a proven track record of successful client engagements within the New England market and throughout the USA. Like Marina Master it is committed to consistently providing expert technology services to its customers and was looking for the right marina management solution for its customer. Mark Ayotte, CEO of Ayacht Technology Solutions explained: “We went through a process of looking at over ten different packages in depth. What brought us to Marina Master was flexibility, and some key features that others could not replicate. Our customer wanted a scalable solution that fit their business model and not one that would require them to change the way they did business for it to fit.” This flexibility is especially important in a time of rapidly changing and evolving marine environments when marinas need to adapt quickly to achieve long-term goals. “Our client saw a feature that no other application could replicate which is the marina schedule screen where all slips can be viewed by any desired timeline, to enable efficient optimisation of slip reservations and maximising marina bookings. We asked all the other vendors if they had this feature and none had it,” Ayotte added. Marina Master has also integrated with FreedomPay, one of the largest payment gateway companies in the US, to enable easier, faster, convenient and secure payments. Marina Master users can thus pay slip fees and other charges directly via the web or a mobile device. Marina Master sees every customer as unique. Its approach is not only to offer a solution but also to consult at all levels by providing the best analysis, solutions and implementation experience according to each marina’s specific needs. “The marina management solution that is flexible enough to develop continuously according to a marina’s needs and the latest trends will boost its competitive advantage and improve its reputation among existing and potential customers,” asserted Marina Master president Tone Britovsek. E: At any time, staff can see which berths are free, which are occupied and how this is set to change. - May/June 2018 39

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