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Jan Feb 2015 Marina World

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Martini Marinas floating pontoons. The best, from all points of the compass. Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 P.O. Box 30 - 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel +39 02 963941 - Fax +39 02 9682613 Switzerland T. +41 91 9945545 Croatia T. +385 1 6530103 Netherlands / Belgium T. +31 35 5235288 Serbia Montenegro T. +381 11 3191555 Turkey T. +90 232 4414700 Egypt T. +202 24148176

COMPANY NEWS Superior signs MoU with Scotra Superior of Australia has signed an MoU with South Korean company Scotra, an established components manufacturer that has successfully diversified into the pontoon and marina sector. Superior international sales manager, Phil Hudson, anticipates working with the company on several new marinas in the Busan region in the next two to three years. The partnership will boost Superior’s presence in the region, where it has already completed projects with above average design requirements. On the Han River in Seoul, for example, freezing conditions in icy waters (see inset photo) required a bespoke solution. “What made this project so challenging was the need to ensure that the base polyethylene and aluminium products could withstand the additional forces from the ice,” Hudson said. “This only worked in a confined space where whole ice floes did not shift.” In Shanghai, China, Superior has just finished the second stage of a berthing installation along an upstream section of the North Bund. This posed a variety of problems. In daylight hours there is a Italian partnership revived UK-based Rolec and pontoon specialist ACM of Italy are joining forces once again to provide marina solutions for the Italian market. The agreement was made at the Genoa Boat Show last October. Although both companies have continued to work together for many years on various projects around the world, after liaising from 2001 to 2009 on many Italian projects, the partnership ceased when the Italian market slowed. As ACM has several local clients requesting Rolec’s partnered solutions, the timing is now right to reinstate former agreements. “Whilst it has been enjoyable embarking on projects around the world, it is never more satisfying than working in your own local area,” said ACM managing director, Ciro Rinaldi. “The enquiries we received at the show and the recent orders taken from existing clients give Holly Brown and Ciro Rinaldi finalise details at the Genoa Boat Show. us a real positive sense about the market.” Rolec operations director, Holly Brown, added: “The show and the feedback from clients has been a perfect start to this re-energised partnership.” Phil Hudson (right) and Scotra CEO Lee Jong Morris shake on the deal. constant stream of commercial traffic all day – and 40 to 50m ferries, freighters and recreational boats as well. There is constant, although reduced, boat traffic at night. The project had to accommodate superyachts entering China under bonded store conditions until customs clearance and, under the provision of local government, the public marina will be used by large passenger vessels as well as private boats. According to Hudson, there is also a very strong current, swells and tidal change of 1.8 to 2m as well as constant wake from passing ships. Superior thus set out to construct a marina that was “larger, stronger and flexible” and able to roll with the water while remaining stable. “We used our high grade Elite concrete deck pontoon system, which is ideal for this situation,” Hudson confirmed. The company is currently involved in major marina construction and refit projects in Dubai, Fiji, Malaysia and Australia. Many face extreme conditions such as intense heat and UV exposure, monsoons, sub-zero temperatures or tidal extremes. UK expansion for Moffatt Moffatt & Nichol has opened a second office in the UK in order to aid the growth of its marine engineering and consultancy services. The new office, in Farnborough, Hampshire, complements the company’s existing base in central London and further augments its longstanding presence in the UK and its focus on the European maritime sector. The company, headquartered in Long Beach, California, has a long history in the waterfront industry, specialising in marina planning and market assessment, feasibility and detailed design, operational consultancy, audit and facility commissioning. Moffatt & Nichol UK offices both work to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards and form part of a portfolio of 30 offices throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Pacific rim. - January/February 2015 41

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