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May Jun 2015 Marina World

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17 - 19 NOVEMBER

17 - 19 NOVEMBER 2015 AMSTERDAM RAI THE WORLD’S LARGEST MARINE EQUIPMENT TRADE SHOW TRADE The Marina & Yard Pavilion at METS is the hotspot for the global marina industry TRADE TRADE Marinas & yards at METS Dedicated to the global market of marinas and associated yards, the Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) at METS plays host to marina owners, operators, developers and suppliers from around the world. It is a hotspot for the global marina industry at METS, which is itself the largest – and only global – trade exhibition for the marine leisure industry. METS Pavilions METS features three pavilions. Each offers a smaller selfcontained show within the larger METS context and features its own concepts, look and programme. The METS trade exhibition is one of the components of METSTRADE, the world’s leading platform for professionals in the marine equipment industry. This global business platform and community focuses on innovation, market developments, on-site networking and knowledge events. PARTNER MEMBER OF OFFICIAL MAGAZINE SYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE MYP OFFICIAL MAGAZINE ORGANISED BY

PLANNING & DESIGN without investment in a new facility. The City planned a phased development of a new passenger ferry terminal and non-motorised boating facility. In late 2011, the City of Vancouver implemented Phase 1 of the development with the construction of the Moffatt & Nichol designed passenger ferry terminal facility in front of the Creekside Community Center. Phase 2 - the non-motorised boating facility - was planned for construction in the near future. In late 2013, the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board proceeded with the Phase 2 nonmotorised boating facility study that included a review of the existing City facilities and programmes. The study, completed by McFarland Marceau Architects, identified the provision of improved paddling facilities in southeast False Creek as the highest priority. Further discussions based on the results of the study were held with community members leading to a conceptual design for an improved paddling centre and the ultimate goal of “establishing a permanent home for the greater paddling community.” Phase 2 of the Creekside Paddling Centre will address the immediate needs of current boating programmes in southeast False Creek and will replace and improve the existing dock, floats and equipment sheds at an estimated cost of CAM. Designed by McFarland Marceau and a Moffatt & Nichol project team, the facility has been planned for maximum flexibility with incremental, moveable, expandable and adaptable floats. A Above and below: the new float facility has illuminated on-water storage sheds that create a dramatic ‘lantern on the water’ effect. series of six on-water storage sheds will eliminate the need for the unsightly temporary storage containers currently occupying a portion of the waterfront walkway. A new 2.4m wide gangway will provide access to the 1,100m 2 of new floats. An additional universal access float will utilise the existing ferry dock ramp to the west. Approximately nine new floats will be installed to provide moorage and storage for nonmotorised dragon boats and kayaks. The floats will be anchored using a combination of concrete anchors and chains, and steel pipe piles. The City of Vancouver, along with other stakeholders, has recently championed measures to restore environmental quality and create new shoreline habitat within False Creek. A direct result of these efforts has been the recent return of Pacific herring spawning in False Creek. Maintaining this momentum with sustainable design, the new paddling centre has been designed to minimise impacts to habitat surrounding the new facility. By locating the new floats in deep water, dredging is avoided and impacts to the existing habitat are minimised. In addition, the number and size of access gangways to the floats have been kept to a minimum. By reducing gangway impacts, sunlight can penetrate under the ramps and provide sufficient illumination for the growth of seaweeds. The new float facility will be kept in position through a combination of concrete block anchors and chains, as well as steel pipe piles. The steel pipe piles will facilitate the growth of barnacles and mussels within the intertidal zone, while seaweed and diatoms will grow along the edges of the floats and in-water infrastructure. Colonisation by attaching seaweeds, diatoms and marine fauna such as mussels and barnacles will occur on the hard surfaces of the chains and the concrete blocks. The on-water storage sheds will be illuminated from within to produce a dramatic ‘lantern on the water’ effect across False Creek. The float lighting, designed and modelled by Moffatt & Nichol, will be positioned to project horizontally across the water to minimise impacts on marine organisms. In addition to reducing excessive shading and impacts to seaweed growth along shoreline riprap, the design of the sheds will use translucent cladding materials. The new non-motorised boating facility will not only serve the needs of the dragon boaters and kayakers in False Creek but will also encourage the surrounding communities to use the recreational facilities and to be closer to water activities. - May/June 2015 19

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