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on the water and everywhere EUROPA I AMERICAS I MIDDLE EAST I ASIA I AUSTRALIA La Paz, Mexico, 5 October, A hurricane state of emergency is declared by the Mexican authorities More than 8,000 references over 5 continents

MANUFACTURER OF PONTOONS AND MARINA EQUIPMENT " In Lower California, marinas are exposed regularly to tropical storms" Crédits photos : © Jérôme Frenay / © CAPÉRAÀ OBSCURA PRODUCTION Tropical storm « Norbert », which started life last week in the Eastern Pacific, has gathered force in the last few hours. On the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale, it should reach the Mexican area of Lower California (the La Paz area) on Friday evening, by which time it will certainly have grown in strength to category 3 (out of 5 categories), with gusts of wind reaching over 210 km/h, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Each component of the pontoons, as well as the Marina anchoring, must be absolutely perfect to resist extreme climatic conditions. Our Marina has already weathered several hurricanes, without any damage to the equipment supplied by Poralu. We are absolutely satisfied with their reliability. Andres Barrera Peralta Manager, Marina Escale Nautique

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