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DRYSTACK Efficient operations at Puerta Delta. annual contracts even if the operator is only required during peak season. 5 Measure: forklifts need corridors twice the width of those needed for hoist systems. Automated systems thus save 25% of the total occupied space. 6 Versatility: hoist systems have a more rigid process system. Forklift performance guidelines can, however, be modified. 7 Fire-fighting: a sealed store enables the use of CO 2 and avoids the drawbacks of flooding systems that can overload and damage structures and vessels. 8 Assignments: in a hand operated drystack, the price of the berth is determined by the forklift’s service quality, implying a possible drastic loss in its value in the event of failure. Automatic drystack risk of failure is smaller due to the fact that exploitation expenditures are less. 9 Incidents: automated systems reduce the human element in manoeuvres and consequently also reduce accidents and other risk factors, thereby avoiding setbacks caused by interruption of activity. 10 Parking: some automated systems combine boat and vehicle storage, saving more space and providing parking space for each user. 11 Other factors: hoist systems can avoid acoustic signals, car soot and dirt in sealed installations. Moreover, they can also operate without stoppage. 12 Level of development: experience and levels of use in automated systems are still low. They have great potential, however, for improvement. Looking good Obtaining approval for the visual impact of a drystack is even more difficult than satisfying town planning restrictions. Efforts must be made to integrate it into the landscape despite the fact that many projects are located in port areas where industrial warehouses and vertical projections are generally fairly common. Various measures can be taken when considering the drystack structure: • Building at different heights and avoiding rigid structures. • Applying decoration, especially to the front of the buildings, to integrate them into their local environment. • Using fine materials to enhance the building. • Using plant walls, transparencies, curtain walls etc., to help reduce impact. Other factors, aside from the actual building, must be considered: • Locating the drystack so as to reduce its visual impact. • Utilising unused facilities and hangars. • Using panels or vegetation screens to conceal the facilities. • Integrating the facility into housing complexes. The above article summarises a paper entitled ‘Drystacks – Matching New Leisure Tendencies’ compiled by Alex Parés Templer of Port & Shore, Spain. He can be contacted on email: alex. Lange Guarderia Nautica near Buenos Aires. - November/December 2015 23

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