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Nov Dec 2015 Marina World

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DRYSTACK KB Boat Park Dry Stack has a four-tier racking system that makes the best use of limited space. IoT streamlines rack build process Family-owned drystack specialists Wickens Engineering of the UK made use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to maximise efficiency when rebuilding and redesigning a drystack system. KB Boat Park Dry Stack relocated from one part of Portsmouth’s Camber Dock to another in order to make way for the construction of the Ben Ainslie Racing – BAR – building that is the UK’s America’s Cup Series base. Working in association with Portsmouth City Council, KB had just three months to start work on its new smaller site. This involved Premier opens drystack in Falmouth A new drystack has opened at Premier Marina’s facility in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. Catering for up to 48 boats, it is expected to be extremely popular with RIB and small motor boat owners. Marina manager, Mark Evans, commented: “We are excited about providing this new service at Falmouth Marina and look forward to running the new drystack operation. The drystack has the potential to meet replacing a two-tier racking system that accommodated 120 boats with a fourtier arrangement. Creating heavy-duty racking requires a series of expensive machines and top of the range industrial robots. The process can, however, become inefficient if any single machine is not working at full capacity. Wickens turned to the IoT for a solution and worked demand for small boat berths in the marina and the advantages of drystack berthing are proven; with lower maintenance costs, little or no fouling, and a safe, secure storage system to accommodate the boats while ashore.” with the Warwick Manufacturing Group, based at Warwick University, to develop a small ultrasound scanner that measures precisely when a cutting machine is busy or idle. Working on a similar principle to a pregnancy monitor, the scanner gives Wickens exact data on how many steel racks it can cut per hour or per day and helps to reduce downtime. A low cost Raspberry Pi is attached via Wi-Fi to the scanner to output findings in conventional spreadsheet format. KB Boat Yard Dry Stack had been in its former location for ten years but KB’s Tim Anderson had no objection to moving to make way for the impressive BAR headquarters. “Our biggest challenge was to make the best use of our new, much smaller site, and get the new drystack ready in time for the 2015 season. Wickens have helped us to maximise our vertical space and get up and running on time. In fact, we’ve been able to expand the number of boat spaces we can offer too.” Wickens managing director, Steve Wickens, was equally pleased with the end result. “To ensure we can produce the most effective drystack system for our clients, all I want is to know we have maximised our efficiency so we can offer the best value solution. The IoT approach makes it easy to read our efficiency levels and does not involve expensive or complicated IT solutions.” Contact Wickens Engineering in the UK on email: Falmouth Marina offers excellent on-site facilities and a good mix of marine services including a wellstocked chandlery, RYA accredited sea school and rigging and electronic services. Premier’s drystack customers can also enjoy the benefit of 42 free nights at other Premier marinas, fuel at cost, a 15% discount on boatyard services and saving on marine insurance. The drystack service includes unlimited launches and recoveries throughout the year for annual customers. - November/December 2015 27

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