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November December 2018 Marina World

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NEWS FOCUS: SWANWICK MARINA Boosting customer experience Due for complete refurbishment, Swanwick Marina will ultimately offer 333 generously sized berths. UK: Premier Marinas, owner of nine marinas on the south coast of England, has revised its plans to complete the regeneration of Swanwick Marina. The move follows its £5.8 million investment in the construction of Swanwick’s new state of the art boatyard in 2014. The marina’s new plans represent a further investment of £8 million and incorporate a number of innovative features, including: a modern renewal of the floating marina to make accessing and using the pontoons safer and easier; a welcoming marina bridgehead building; and a dedicated berth holders’ lounge. At the heart of the site, overlooking the water, a new food and beverage building is proposed and, close by, there are plans for an impressive Pavilion building to house boat sales and marine business (subject to planning approval). The eastern side of the marina will be cleared to create additional boat storage ashore and dedicated berth holder parking. For the future, Premier is considering a range of marine based options for this land. Innovative design The new floating marina will create 333 berths of 6 to 40m (20 to 131ft) – an overall increase of 59 on the current configuration. The pontoons will run east-west and, uniquely, all berth holders will enjoy a berth measuring at least the length of their boat. This feature, coupled with fairway and pontoon specifications that exceed industry standards, will make berthing easier and safer – particularly for power boat owners stepping directly onto their pontoon from the back of their boat. One of the most innovative aspects of Premier’s plans, however, lies at the centre section of the marina (D to C) where the berths will be set 700mm (27in) above water level (200mm [8in] above standard height) to reduce customers’ deck to pontoon ‘jump down’ when berthing the vessel. In the new configuration, all the pontoons will be accessed via a single central bridgehead, which has again been designed to make life easier by presenting a substantially lower access gradient than the current bridgeheads. During the in-water redevelopment the marina basin will be dredged. At the top of the bridgehead berth holders will find a new undercover bridgehead building providing a customer service and information point, trolley station, bin store and secure access to the pontoons. Dedicated drop off/pick up parking for berth holders is planned in front of the building to ensure that customers can get close to the bridgehead when provisioning up. Renewing the floating marina Phase one of the redevelopment began last month (October) with the renewal of the pontoons on the eastern side of the marina and the build of a 40 slot dinghy rack at A Pontoon. This phase will be completed in April 2019. Phase two of the renewal, to take place in the winter of 2019/20, will see the rest of the pontoons in the plan renewed and the bridgehead building constructed. The new Pavilion is also scheduled to be built during this time, and the new food and beverage building will be completed in 2021. All the new pontoons will be equipped with an improved supply of 32amp sockets and better WiFi access. Walcon Marine has been contracted to supply the walkways, finger pontoons and bridge and will install the new piles. Its System 2000 pontoons will be used throughout the whole project for maximum flexibility. The Walcon Wizard barge, with a second piling rig, will be available to come and assist as required. Premier Marinas CEO, Pete Bradshaw, explained the rationale behind the investment: “Swanwick Marina was constructed in the late 1960s/early 70s when boats tended to be smaller and narrower. The current pontoons do not meet modern industry standards – or the quality expected by our berth holders. Alongside that, the water depth in some areas of the marina is becoming challenging for deeper keeled vessels. For these reasons we recognise that we need to invest further in Swanwick to secure its future success and to add value for our customers – with better food and beverage provision, more lifestyle facilities and safer, easier access to pontoons.” “Premier’s vision for thoughtful marina design will greatly improve our customers’ experience and safety. Our plans for Swanwick will set a new standard for marina development,” he added. - November/December 2018 19

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