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November December 2018 Marina World

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GLOBAL INDUSTRY OVERVIEWS Dan Natchez Facilities that are commanding the highest prices for slips (in-water or upland) are those that have been refurbished, rehabilitated, and are catering to the changing demand in boating. At the same time, the degree of deferred maintenance and refreshing of facilities continues to grow throughout the country, particularly with respect to non-visible infrastructure. For coastal areas and large lakes where there is deep water, the megaand superyacht facilities continue to grow, which attracts other large boats. Demand for boats in the 40 to 70 foot (12 to 21m) range also continues to be growing. The heretofore sweet spot of the 28 to 38 foot (24 to 11.5m) long boats continues to languish, although there is a resurgence in the smaller boats up to 28 feet (24m) long for multipurpose and specialty recreation. Vertical marine (rack) storage is continuing to gain in popularity, particularly in metropolitan and other areas where there is a lack of upland space. Specialty boats, for wakeboarding, waterskiing, etc., are flying off the showroom floors, as are the very high powered racing boats. At the same time, multi-purpose pontoon boats have led the growth rate, with strong sales ranging from the smaller but more luxurious models to many house boat models up to and above 100 feet (30m). Realising that all of the more desirable spots for marinas have already been built upon in the US (and developed countries), redevelopment of existing marinas and previous industrial waterfront locations provide the most significant opportunities for growth. Private and public partnerships continue to provide attractive opportunities, particularly in metropolitan areas, improving and increasing access to and into the waterfronts. Boats are becoming more and more expensive and new boaters are increasingly demanding resort-type Marina d’Arechi in Salerno is one of the finest marinas in southern Italy offering 1,000 berths for vessels up to 100m (328ft) in length. Offering excellent shoreside leisure amenities and swift access to the city, Moll Vell Marina offers moorings in the heart of Palma, Mallorca. approaches in their marinas. Marinas that are reorienting themselves to this changing market will do well. It requires accommodating larger boats, upgrading amenities and making the facilities more attractive. Dan Natchez CMP FRANCE After years of an easy-going business approach, with saturated marinas and waiting lists everywhere, France is waking up! Very few marina managers have been prepared to face new challenges but, as the demand for berths is now reducing due to ageing boaters and international competition is more aggressive, action is Jean-Michel Gaigné needed. Public operated marinas (the vast majority in France) have never been accustomed to marketing or customer care and are thus now obliged to highlight their assets in order to move forward. To be honest, the present situation is still enviable and marinas are still full in the most coveted places, but those in areas with less appeal (geographically speaking or with strong tidal constraints) are now in search of berth holders. - November/December 2018 31

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